By: Rana Pratap Saikia

Inside Northeast recently came across a plant that was set up in the name of production of fertilizer from garbage as a part of recycling process at ‘Deepor Beel’, but now stands defunct. Upon enquiry, it was discovered that the Assam state government projected an expense of more than Rs 100 crore for this ‘miracle’ project! Lets find out what this mystery project is and how it came to this sorry state.

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The saga of this ‘miracle machine’ began in 2008, when it was first inaugurated with hopes to turn the mountains of waste being emptied into ‘Deepor Beel’ into fertilizer! However, these plans never came to fruition. Locals of the ‘Beel’ have revealed to Inside Northeast why it failed.

Pramod Kalita, a local environmental activist tells us that the primary cause of the installation’s failure is the lack of was segregation.

“As you very well know, waste segregation is of utmost importance when it comes to recycling. Surely you cannot turn plastic into fertilizer, right? Anyways, the installation is just lying useless”, he laments.

Kalita also adds that the Government is least concerned about the environment and waste is being disposed of in a most clumsy manner. “They simply collect the waste and set it afire, which creates the most putrid stench. They are not only polluting the water and soil, but they are polluting the environment as well. It is a complete travesty”, he says.

Kalita alleges that officials of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) like to flex their muscles by boasting that they are taking an environment-friendly approach towards waste disposal, but it is all a hoax. “These are just some of their talking-points which they perhaps repeat ad nauseum to make themselves feel better about themselves. However, the machine has never really been used. It is simply lying…useless, worthless”, Kalita alleges.

Perhaps the initiative was noble, but the Assam administration and the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) have come under heavy (proverbial) gunfire because of their callousness and negligence towards the environment. The deplorable condition of this 100 crore installation is proof that the authorities have failed in their duty to protect the only Ramsar site of the state, and thus, the people must keep fighting on to save and preserve this site of great ecological importance.

Inside Northeast’s Campaign #LetsSaveDeeporBeel is now supported by Oil India Limited (OIL). Join us as we continue the awareness campaign to preserve the only Ramsar site in Assam which is facing immense threats. We need your help to preserve this site of great ecological importance. Join the #LetsSaveDeeporBeel campaign and tweet about it, and do tag us on Twitter. Let’s make some noise!


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