New Delhi, June 23, 2019:

Members of the Rajya Sabha assembled today at the Upper House of Parliament to pay their vote of thanks to the President of India for the Address which he delivered to both Houses of Parliament on June 20. Rajya Sabha MP from Assam Biswajit Daimary of the Bodo People’s Front (BPF) stood out among all the members who spoke as he delivered his speech in the Bodo language of his community!

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After delivering his speech, Daimary spoke in Hindi said that the Bodo language is one of the oldest languages in the country that is spoken mostly in Assam and Nepal.

“It is a matter of great pride that this language has the most words to express emotions, or describe any object in the entire world. This is a very rich language, but we have been unable to tell anyone about this language, and researchers have not been able to determine where and when it originated”, he said.

Daimary also said that this language was widely spoken in many regions in Nepal, West Bengal, and Bangladesh as far back as 2,000 years ago.

In his address, Daimary also stated that the problem of insurgency is the biggest problem plaguing the Northeast and wondered why no solution has been reached in 20 years.

He stated that the activities of the interlocutors should be closely monitored to find out how the peace talks with the insurgents are progressing.

The Rajya Sabha MP also mentioned the Guwahati ULFA blast and stated that people will not feel secure knowing that the interlocutors do not seem to be doing their duty properly.

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