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Guwahati, May 29, 2019:

The People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has somewhat sensationally claimed that Indian subcontinent is being ruled by “terrorists.” The proscribed secessionist organization made this claim in a press statement undersigned by their Acting Chairman, Kh. Sathy.

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The group claims that if the British had not come to the ancient Bharat, what the world is seeing today as a big country, India might not have existed. The group also remarks that the remark made by the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and the father of the Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar in the Indian Parliament that they want all the Indians separated by the partition to be united amply demonstrates their characteristic
of being “racist” and “greedy of territory”.

The group claims that Kangleipak was forcibly annexed with the “Indian colonial dominion” using military power and “terrorizing tactics” in 1949. “That India, which did not like Bhagat Singh to be branded as a terrorist by the British, is now terming the revolutionaries of this region who are fighting for restoration of their sovereignty and independence and trying to escape the colonial yoke as terrorists”, read the communique.

The group further states that their sole purpose is the return of their land that the Indian Government has allegedly snatched by adopting “terrorizing tactics” and claimed that their revolutionaries are not terrorists, but are courageous patriots.

“The terrorists are India who are colonial expansionists and greedy of territory. This is the conflict of political history that cannot be compromised that prevails between the colonial masters and the colonized people who are trying to get out of the colonial bondage”, PREPAK claims.

PREPAK also demanded that India be declared a terrorist state. “India is relentlessly trying to blame Pakistan as a state that sponsors terrorist groups and declared as such. On the other hand, is there any reason why India, of which occupation forces have continuously carried out during the past so many years terrorist activities in Kashmir and WESEA region including Kangleipak that had never been part of Indian territory, shouldn’t be declared as a terrorist state?” the group rationalized.

PREPAK has also accused India of being a “big colonial expansionist nation” and stated that the only solution is for Indian soldiers to withdraw from the soil of Kangleipak and leave forever.

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