Akhil Gogoi

Guwahati, Mat 24, 2019:

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) Chief Akhil Gogoi, who has been staunchly opposed to the AGP-BJP-BPF alliance and has campaigned against them in many corners of Assam, addressed the press here today in the aftermath of the election result.

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Gogoi also stated that the implementation of the Citizneship (Amendment) Bill will be the biggest agenda for the NDA-II Government and claimed that they will try to try to transform India into a ‘Hindu rastra’ after enacting the Bill.

The KMSS Chief expressed heavy disappointment over the BJP’s clean sweep yesterday and said that the saffron party’s win is a bad news for the country and stated that although the BJP has won by a huge mandate, so signs of happiness can be seen among the general populace.

“The people only voted for the BJP because they did not have any other option. Although they voted for the BJP, they are hardly satisfied”, Gogoi said.

He also forewarned that the BJP victory will change the complete scenario in the nation and cautioned that the BJP might perceive this victory as the public’s consensus to transform the secular fabric of the nation and turn it into a ‘Hindu rashtra’ (Hindu nation).

“People have not voted for the BJP out of love for Modi. They have voted for only three reasons. Firstly, out of a feeling of patriotism and concern regarding national security. Secondly, for the sake of ‘Hindutva’ (communalism), and thirdly, out of suspicion for the opponents of the party”, Gogoi stated.

“75% Hindus have voted for the BJP. Of all the elections I have seen, I have never seen such a divide between the Hindus and Muslims. They won the election by infusing communal elements in the people”, he said. Gogoi also said that the BJP win will lead to ‘Hindu majoritarianism’ and said that minorities will gradually disappear during the BJP rule.

Akhil Gogoi also alleged that the BJP have been able to win because only of three factors — professionalism in electioneering, money power, and keeping the media on its leash.

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