Guwahati, May 17, 2019:

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state spokesperson Mominul Awal on Friday alleged that the rule of the Congress party has led to the infiltration of militant groups in the state.

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The Congress had claimed that the Home Department has failed after the blast took place in the city. Islam asked what will they say now as the people involved in the blast have been arrested within 8 hours? He further challenged the Congress to give their views on the Home department.

He further mentioned that in all the blasts and other violent activities that took place during the Congress rule, the Home Department had never been successful in nabbing the involved. It was only during Congress rule that all the Muslim organizations like ISIS and other “Maulabadi” organizations have made stronghold, he claimed. If there would not have been any political pressure, these organizations would not have got a chance to settle here, he said.

“But after BJP came into power, it has uprooted all these activities,” he added.

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