(L) Rahul's Tweet; (R) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Guwahati, May 15, 2019:

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has re-launched his attacks on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst the ongoing high-voltage Lok Sabha elections in the country. Rahul has hit out again against the Prime Minister who has been recently in the news for a series of gaffes which he made during an interview with a media channel.

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Modi, for one, said that his internal “wisdom” helped the Indian Air Forces launch a successful air strike against terrorist elements at Balakot as he prophesied that the cloud cover would shield the Indian aircrafts from the Pak radar, drawing guffaws of bewilderment from the nation.

This was followed up by another gem from the Prime Minister who claimed that he had used e-mails and had clicked snaps using a digital camera in the 1980’s, back when we were living in the technological dark ages.

These amusing pearls which dropped from the mouth of the Prime Minister had led some to speculate that the Prime Minister is an outright liar, whereas some are questioning his sanity. Assam’s former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has stated that Modiji is losing it because the BJP is afraid of performing poorly in the ongoing elections.

Rahul was slow to react to the Prime Minister’s amusing statements, but he has finally come up with an original and unique way of poking fun at the Prime Minister. Taking to Twitter, he stated that there is a new word which has been added to the English lexicon. The word, he says, is ‘Modilie, meaning to “constantly modify the truth”, which is revealed in a snapshot posted by Rahul. Other definitions include: “to lie incessantly and habitually” and “to lie without respite.”

It may be mentioned that Rahul has often accused the Prime Minister of being a liar and his slogan of “chowkidar hi chor hai” (the watchman himself is the thief) which was later countered by the BJP with its own “hum sab chowkidar” (we all are watchmen).

What remains to be seen is whether this new word, Modilie, which means either to lie outrightly or exaggerate things, catches on. What do you think?

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