Dhing MLA Aminul Islam

Guwahati, May 15, 2019:

Assam political party All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) have made some serious allegations regarding the NRC process in the state and insinuated that a conspiracy is afoot to deprive minorities of their citizenship rights.

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A few senior members of the AIUDF party headed by Dhing MLA Aminul Islam on Wednesday have alleged to complain about the discrepancies in the ongoing NRC process in the State of Assam and demanded a fair and just NRC.

The AIUDF members made a few demands in a memorandum submitted to the NRC co-ordinator and alleged that miscreants have hatched a conspiracy to ensure that some genuine minority citizens are omitted from the NRC process.

In the memorandum, submitted by party members Aminul Islam, Mamun Imdadul Haq, Anwar Hussain Laskar, and Asif Khan of the AIUDF has complained that many fake Objections are being made to harass genuine citizens.

In fact, some Objectors themselves are unaware that Objections are being filed in their name.

The party members have further alleged that some Objections have been accepted without all the pre-requisite details meant to file an Objection as ascertained by the Supreme Court. It has further been alleged that numerous Objections are being filed under a single name.

The AIUDF has alleged that these conspiracies proves that the NRC authorities are hand-in-glove with the miscreants who are trying to harass the minority community and demanded strict action against the perpetrators of these actions.

An allegation has been made that even the Objectors themselves are not familiar with the persons against whom the Objections have been filed, and thus, they must be under duress from some third party. In fact, some Objectors themselves have admitted to it, the AIUDF members alleged.

It has been alleged that although the Objectors themselves are not present at the hearings, the Objections have not been cancelled much to the dismay of the people who are being unduly harassed in the name of NRC Objections.

The AIUDF members have further urged that the Objectors should provide all necessary details during the Objection process and the Objections should be scrapped in case the Objectors do not show up on the day of the hearings.

Moreover, the AIUDF has demanded that the people should not be made to undertake a cumbersome journey of 400-500 kms for the Hearings and they should be held at a suitable and convenient location for all parties and the leaders have urged Hajella to ensure that no ridiculous incidents such as calling a person for hearings to two different locations on the same day does not arise again.

The AIUDF has stated that many people were summoned to hearings far away and after reaching there spending a sizeable sum of money, they have found out that their hearings were actually scheduled for some other location.

It was also stated in the memorandum that although some people had applied for the NRC in 2015, their requests have not been taken into consideration and there is the high probability that their names will be excluded.

The AIUDF party leaders have also alleged that the NRC officials are harassing the minority communities by asking for irrelevant information and thus, they have demanded the expulsion of the NRC authorities who are prejudiced against certain communities. The AIUDF also demanded that the authorities accept the NRC documents which were submitted after 31 August, 2015 as per the Supreme Court’s directives.

“We demand justice and the drafting of a fair NRC in Assam”, the AIUDF members stated in the communique.






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