Kabir Singh

Guwahati, May, 5, 2019:

Earlier today, the makers finally dropped the trailer of upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Kabir Singh’ on the web.

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And fans, celebs and social media users couldn’t stop gushing over how awesome Shahid Kapoor looks in his upcoming film and how captivating the trailer was in its entirety.

But as it has become tradition after every new trailer for an upcoming film drops on the web, Twitter users usually share hilarious memes and it automatically becomes the trend on social media.

The ‘Kabir Singh’ trailer, which is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster film Arjun Reddy is seen trending over Bollywood starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani.

Shahid is seen in the silver screen after a long gap where his character demonstrates a ‘stubborn, self destructive and very, very angry’ young man, who reacts to a bitter breakup by turning to drugs and alcohol.

We then see glimpses of the couple dancing in snowy mountains, lazing beside a bonfire and taking lovely bike rides together. One of such trip, they’re involved in an accident. But they shrug it off by kissing next to the wreckage. That’s the power of their love.

So when the breakup happens, Kabir punches a couple of people, grows a thick beard, and throws his life down the drain. Things get so bad that Kabir even overdoses and ends up in the hospital.

However, the Hindi film is not an absolute remake. Shahid had earlier said that while the film will be raw, there will be some differences as it will be based in north India with the character arc being slightly different.

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