Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi

Lahore, May 9, 2019:

Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi’s autobiography called ‘Game Changer’ has been in the public limelight ever since its launch due to a number of controversial statements made by the former Pakistani captain.

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Now, the all-rounder courted heavy criticism for saying that his four daughters will not be allowed to play sport outdoors. In his just-released biography ‘Game Changer’, Afridi wrote that he’d made that ruling “for social and religious reasons”.

‘Boom Boom Afridi’, who holds the record for most sixes in ODI history, has four daughters – Aqsa, Ajwa, Asmara and Ansha. “Aqsa is in the 10th grade, Ansha is in the ninth. They’re both great at sports and even better in academics,” Afridi wrote.

“Ajwa and Asmara are the youngest and love to play dress-up. They have my permission to play any sport, as long as they’re indoors. Cricket? No, not for my girls. They have permission to play all the indoor games they want, but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities.

“It’s for social and religious reasons that I’ve made this decision and their mother agrees with me. The feminists can say what they want; as a conservative Pakistani father, I’ve made my decision,” Afridi wrote.

Afridi’s admission that he will not let his daughters pursue the sport which enabled him to earn his bread and butter comes across as hypocritical, to say the least.

At a time when the boundaries between men and women are starting to evaporate and are being replaced with tolerance and equality, this regressive outlook of a modern-day Pakistani man shows that there is much to be achieved as far as “equality” among men and women is concerned.

It seems like Lala, who holds the record of scoring most first-ball ‘ducks’, has hit a ‘duck’ when it comes to tolerance and acceptance as well.


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