Guwahati, May 7, 2019:

Paramita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar, the cross-cultural couple who runs the school called ‘Akshar’ have been trying their best to bring innovations to the stagnant educational system in India.

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In an exclusive interview with the Inside Northeast, Mazin said that for the primary level, the school follows the Cambridge English and Mathematics guidelines and the primary focus is on English literacy and numerical aptitude. “The language of instruction is in Assamese but the materials are in English so we consider it as a mixed medium school”, he says.

For the secondary level, the students start training for National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board examinations. This will give the students certificates for class X and class XII. NIOS allows students to pursue conventional academics and combine it into a single class X certificate.

Moreover, Mazin mentioned that a big segment of the education sector is focused on alternative education methods. He says that Education systems around the world are in a bit of flux as they’re all scrambling to try to develop a new education system that can use the researches of the internet and that can address all the modern problems faced. So there are more schools coming up to implement these innovative techniques.

Expressing satisfaction over the achievements so far, Mazin said that they had been invited to United Nations in 2017 to present it before the audiences of the world.

“We’re working with an NGO called the Education Alliance in Delhi, they have brought us into a government school. So, they’re now trying with the government teachers and leaders in our system of education”, he said.

“We started two and a half years ago and never thought that within such a short period, we’ll be called to reform a Government school in Delhi. We have been talking to other NGOs as well and together we are trying to bring the best education system to the children here”, he stated.

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