Kuki Students' Organization
St. Joseph's burning

Imphal, May 2, 2019:

The Kuki Students’ Organization (KSO) has vehemently denied burning down the St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Sugnu on 25 April.

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The KSO Gunpi Block, which has been accused of the crime, declared that the accusation hurled at them is conceived by some vested interest group and is a “conspiracy” to malign the image of KSO in a statement undersigned by KSO Gunpi Block President Jangkholam Guite and General Secretary Marcus Paokai Mate.

The KSO had been suspected of committing arson as they had been at loggerheads with school authorities over the suspension of six students from the school, but the organization says that they had organized a meeting with the school authorities the day after the school burned down.

The KSO said that some of the executives had gone to douse the fire and save the building, but the mob that had gathered there begun to abuse them and accused them of setting the building on fire.

The KSO has asked why they would commit an act of arson after taking all the troubles of reconciling with the school authority and when all their issues were to be finally settled the next day. They further asked why they would try to douse the fire if they themselves were the culprits.

The KSO has further stated that the Joint Action Committee (JAC) does not possess any proof to incriminate them of the deed.

“It seems the JAC was formed with the intent to instigate the gullible public against KSO. It would be in the mutual interest of both parties if the JAC stops arbitrary allegation towards KSO Gunpi Block”, read the communique.

The police have arrested two of our members and have been in their custody for the last five days. If the two executives are really guilty of the crime their guilt would have already been established by now. Therefore is it not unreasonable to ask that the two executives be released unconditionally and immediately as they are not guilty of the act of arson.

Lastly, the KSO urged the police to find out the real people who had set the school on fire and the people behind it.

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