Kohima, April 13, 2019:

It appears that the fates of the candidates in the Nagaland elections will be decided by the female electorate as females turned out in greater numbers to exercise their right to vote.

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83.12% voters turned out for the Lok Sabha election in Nagaland. Out of a total 1,206,287 registered voters, 1,002,670 turned out to take part in the carnival of democracy. 83.47% male voters and 82.76% voters turned out to vote.

The numbers are in from the bye-election from 26 Aonglenden Assembly Constituency in Nagaland. It has been declared that whopping 84.35% voters took part in the electoral process.

While 82% of male voters turned out, 86.6 % of females turned out for the polls.

The election for the lone Lok Sabha seat as well as the 26 Aonglenden seats was held in Nagaland during the first phase of polling on 11 April.

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