Imphal, April 12, 2019:

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Manipur Pradesh on Thursday accepted the challenge of holding an open debate on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 by North East India Development Party (NEIDP) saying that the party was always ready for such debate.

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Addressing media, Nityaipat Chuthek, BJP Media sub-committee convenor Jotin Waikhom said that the party welcomes NEIDP’s challenge for open debate stating that party leaders have, on several occasions, been raising voice for an open debate to clear public doubts on the bill.

On the other hand, Jotin said that it would be wrong to hold such debate without tracing back to the history of the contentious bill. He informed that Citizenship Bill is not a fresh bill designed by BJP but designed by Congress in 1955. The BJP is making some amendments to the provisions of the bill which was earlier designed by Congress. Jotin also said holding open debate would be more effective only after resolving the conflicting decision of the Congress party first.

Jotin further added, “Chief Minister Biren had earlier made clear-cut clarifications on the bill citing that it would never affect the interest of the people of the state. Despite this fact, the political parties are misleading the people by spreading false and fabricated propaganda on the citizenship bill to gain political mileage. N Biren Singh assured to take up necessary security measures in the border areas to control the influx of illegal migrants.”

Ex-MLA Dr. Kh Loken, convenor of BJP media sub-committee, said, “During the Congress UPA regime, economy, internal and external security was at stake. Congress party which ruled the country most of the time monopolized the country. The government was in the hands of a few and dissatisfied with the Congress regime, BJP was mandated to power by the people of the country. The BJP manifesto recently released has been appreciated as perfect by many economists in the country.”

Dr. Kh Loken appealed to the people not to get them swayed by the misleading propaganda of the opposition parties. He said that the promises made by the party in its poll manifesto released in connection with 17th Lok Sabha are reliable and practical. The party’s manifesto is an affidavit which promises to bring overall development and prosperity in the country. Manifestos of other parties contain many impractical promises.


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