Kuki National Army
File photo: Kuki National Army militants

Imphal, April 12, 2019:

NorthEast India went to the polls in fourteen Constituencies and among them was the Outer Manipur Constituency, one of the two Constituencies in Manipur (the other being Inner Manipur).

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Around six hundred cadres of the Kuki National Organization/Kuki National Army – one of the frontal Kuki militant organizations in Manipur – exercised their democratic right to vote in the Outer Manipur parliamentary constituency at the designated camp of the outfit at Chehlep village, also known as the Harmony Camp, under the newly established Tengnoupal district in Manipur.

The Kuki National Army (KNA) was founded on 24 February 1988 with the goal of creating a separate state administered by the Kuki people in India and Myanmar. From its formation to 2013, the KNA was involved in 20 armed confrontations with the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces).

After the 2010 Burmese election, pressure from other Kuki organizations forced the KNA to separate its Indian and Burmese wings, the latter of which was renamed and abbreviated KNA(B)

The first phase of voting was held across the nation on Thursday. A total of 91 Constituencies from eighteen states and two Union Territories went to the polls in a show of democracy.

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