Guwahati, April 10, 2019:

Continuing with our theme of encouraging people to vote this election, InsideNE has launched a contest called the ‘Selfie and Caption’ contest in which people from all the seven North-Eastern states are encouraged to participate.

How to participate: Firstly, click an attractive selfie on voting day showing indelible ink on your finger. Pictures taken in larger crowds will be preferred. Secondly, upload the picture with a caption telling us why it is necessary to exercise one’s right to vote. Thirdly, tag us on Instagram (@insidene2016), Facebook (@INSIDENE) and Twitter (@insidene). The top photo-cum-caption will win an ATTRACTIVE PRIZE! It is to be noted that the selfie must picturize maximum participation of voters in the center of voting in which the selfie is being clicked.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary (Election), Pankaj Chakraborty on Wednesday lent his support to the online campaign “WakeupAndVote” that has been launched to play the part as a responsible citizen and cast votes in the largest democratic exercise in the world.
“No voter should be left behind. That is our motto this time. All should participate in the biggest festival of democracy”, he said.

He further gave his best wishes for the campaign which has been started by InsideNE to encourage people to turn out for the polls which will be held in three phases in the North-East. “Make your campaign an apolitical one”, he advised.

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