Voters casting their ballot at Sikkim

Gangtok, April 10, 2019:

Sikkim is all set to hold the Assembly polls as well as Lok Sabha polls tomorrow. The polls in Sikkim will be held for 32 assembly seats and one lone Lok Sabha seat.

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There will be 567 numbers of polling stations for the upcoming general elections, which includes 51 Sangha polling stations. The EVM has been set and the security has been arranged.

As per 2011 census, Sikkim has a population of approximately 6 lakh eleven thousand of which more than 3 lakh are eligible to vote.

According to the latest records, Sikkim has 4,23,325 voters after addition of 16,012 electors during the summary revision of electoral rolls. There are a total of 4,23,325 voters in the state of which 2,16,222 are male voters and 2,07,103 female voters.

Two Sikkim voters belong to the ‘third gender’ category while 2,000 voters have identified themselves as Persons with Disabilities (PwD) during the summary revision of electoral rolls held during the monthS of September and October in 2018.

Meanwhile, polling booths have been set across the state including one at the highest altitude (13,500 ft) at Gnathang Valley located at East Sikkim.

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