KNA militant issuing 'diktat'

Imphal, April 8, 2019:

In a sensational incident ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, a leaked video clip has gone viral in social media which shows Thahpi/Thenthang/Thangboi Haokip, Commander of Kuki National Organisation/Army (KNO/KNA) issuing a diktat to a gathering including chiefs in a meeting at a hall at Moreh to ensure 90% votes apparently for BJP candidate for Outer Manipur, Benjamin Mate.

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In the meeting which was held at D Muonnaphai village, Moreh on 5 April the militant leader is seen warning that for polling stations where the BJP candidate does not get at least 90% of votes cast, chiefs would be called and they would be held responsible and punished.

In the video, the KNA militant leader can be seen stating that if required, arms and guns will be used to enforce this diktat. He further said KNA has no active female police or force, but a special force comprising 200 women is already in place for the day (polling day on April 11, 2019). He also added that anyone caught disregarding this diktat would be punished, irrespective of gender.

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