Naba Sarania

Kokrajhar, April 7, 2019:

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Political campaigns in Kokrajhar have begun in earnest ahead of the ensuing Lok Sabha polls in the Constituency on 23 April during the third phase of the ensuing elections. The election for the coveted seat is expected to be fought tooth and nail and pundits are predicting a tough 4-way contest between incumbent Naba Sarania, BPF’s Pramila Rani Brahma, UPPL’s Urkhao Gwra Brahma and Congress’ Sabda Ram Rabha.

Sarania, while on the campaign trail, discussed his campaign issues with the press: “Our main issue that BTC should not become Bodoland or UTC and Assam should not be divided at any cost. Also, we want to give all rights to non-Bodos living in the BTC. Ranjbongshis-Adivasis should get ST status. Formation of ‘Kamatapur’ should be discussed. D-voter issue should be solved. Illegal weapons should be recovered.”

The MP launched a fresh salvo of words against political rival Hagrama Mohilary and his candidate Pramila Rani Brahma: “They had pitted one of their heavyweights (Chandan Brahma) against me and he was knocked out. Last time, their candidate had lasted for about ten seconds, this time the bout will be over in a single second. It is the will of the people.”

Moreover, Sarania has said that his win is a foregone conclusion. “We will win anyway. It only remains to be seen whether we can win 60% of the votes this time. The competition will be for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places”, he said.

It may be mentioned that Sarania won the 2014 election with a thumping majority (51.84%) of the votes. Then-independent candidate Urkao Gwra Brahma received 22.77% of the votes, while BPF’s Chandan Brahma received 19.92% of the votes.

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