Guwahati, March 31, 2019:

As Assam gears up to celebrate the festival of Rongali Bihu, the world record for the largest Bihu festival was established on Sunday at the Sonaram high school playground. As per reports, 4s per reports, 500 nasonis (dancers) and 100 dhuliyas (drummers) took participated to make the world record.

The initiative was taken to promote Assam’s Bihu on a national and international platform by socio-cultural organization ‘Satsari’.

The dancers at the venue grooved to the infectious tunes and rhythms of Bihu in the presence of renowned personalities like Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury, Chetana Das, among others.

The Bihu dance is an indigenous folk dance from the Indian state of Assam related to the Bihu festival and an important part of Assamese culture. Performed in a group, the Bihu dancers are usually young men and women, and the dancing style is characterized by brisk steps and rapid hand movements.

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