Upamanyu Hazarika
Hazarika on the campaign trail

Guwahati, March 31, 2019:

Senior advocate and independent candidate from Guwahati Constituency Upamanyu Hazarika has been campaigning fervently ahead of the elections. The firebrand candidate on Sunday addressed meetings in Jugdal at Sonapur Bazar and New Market in Sonapur area today and thereafter at Paltan Bazar in Guwahati.

In Sonapur, Hazarika highlighted the fact that the local indigenous population, particularly the tribal population – Tiwa, Karbi, and Bodo have been increasingly losing their land to several large Governmental projects. He further added that this endangers the identity of the small tribal community and has been a recurrent threat over the last several years for the entire belt from Sonapur to Morigaon.

Hazarika added that this is apart from the vital issue affecting the indigenous communities as a whole where all the political parties when in Government have acted against the interest of the indigenous.

“The protective legislation securing land, jobs, trade, etc for locals will help preserve the ethnic fabric of this area”, he added.

Hazarika was also scheduled to address five meetings in Kahilipara, three of which were postponed due to rain, later in the evening today.


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