Guwahati, March 31, 2019:

It seems like the drug problem in metropolitan city Guwahati has seeped into nearby town Rangia as it has been discovered that there is a rampant black market for drugs in Rangia in Kamrup district (rural).

Rangia’s Mahakuma authorities carried out an operation in the town and nabbed illegal drugs worth a whopping Rs. 25 lakh (!). Authorities raided the houses of a local called Abul Ali and nabbed 2.5 kilos of cocaine and 120 grams of suspected heroin. It had long been suspected that Abul Ali was running a drug business from his place of residence at Rangia’s Balabon village.

Authorities believe that there is a rampant drug business in the Rangia area due to which locals have been suffering and have started a crackdown on the illegal drug business in the area and hope to nab the nexus of drug dealers.

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