Jarpum Gamlin

Guwahati, March 19, 2019:

Erosion of the BJP party in the Northeast has begun as incoming reports confirm that there is a possibility that BJP members in Arunachal Pradesh, including two Ministers, could leave the party and join the Meghalaya-based regional party NPP, which seems to be expanding its influence all over the Northeast.

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The nightmare for the BJP in Arunachal began on Monday when state BJP General Secretary Jarpum Gamlin resigned from the party’s primary membership yesterday after he was refused a ticket by the party to contest the ensuing Assembly elections to be held on April 11 in the state.

According to reports, apart from Gamlin, two BJP ministers (Home Minister Kumar Waii Tourism Minister Jarkar Gamlin) and five MLA are camped out in Hotel Vivanta by Taj in Guwahati where they are expected to announce their future plans. It is being circulated that these Arunachal BJP members are holding talks with NPP President Conrad Sangma with an intention to join the NPP party which is quickly emerging as a formidable alternative to national parties in the Northeast. The question that is in everyone’s minds right now is will these BJP members ditch the party and join the NPP? Or any other party, for that matter?

If these developments culminated in the departure of the BJP members, it could possibly erode the party’s chances in the upcoming elections. It is to be mentioned that the BJP is already facing the threat of erosion in the Northeast as many of the BJP allies, such as the NPP in Meghalaya, IPFT in Tripura and the MNF in Mizoram are going to contest the elections alone.

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