Hamro Sikkim Party

Sikkim, March 15, 2019:

Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) has announced its first list of seven candidates today.
From the list of seven candidates, four are youth, two women and one an Ex-Minister. The HSP has thus fulfilled its promise of introducing new young faces and women to the politics of Sikkim and creating an opportunity for the next generation to represent people of Sikkim.

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The candidates include a doctor, a former minister, a law keeper, a social worker, a teacher and an activist. Dr Bina Basnett, President of the Party and a young doctor trained at All India Institute of Medical Sciences is leading the charge to change politics of Sikkim.
The Party is confident that its slogan ‘Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim’ will be realized and achieved in the upcoming election.

The HPS has selected the following candidates for the elections of the Legislative Assembly of Sikkim: D.S.Limboo will contest from Yangthang constituency, S.B.Tamang will contest from Namthang-Rateypani constituency, Kamla Rai will contest from Rangang- Yangyang constituency, Indra Suji will contest from West Pendam (SC) constituency, Anush Rai will contest from Namcheybung constituency, Dr Beena Basnett will contest from Upper Tadung constituency and Former Minister Athup Lepcha will contest from Django constituency

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