Bhubaneshwar Kalita

Guwahati, March 14, 2019:

AGP’s dual standard has now been questioned by senior congress leader Bhubanewswar Kalita. The biggest question in Assam politics now is how the AGP who are reportedly against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, fight the Lok sabha elections jointly with the BJP, who have every intention of enacting the Bill.

Senior Congress leader Bhubaneshwar Kalita had the same question on his mind while addressing the media on Thursday. “The BJP have announced that they will bring back the CAB with certainty. So, how can the anti-CAB join the BJP? People have condemned them.”
Reacting to murmurs of a Congress-AIUDF alliance, he said: “Only the Akhil Bharat Congress Committee can take a resolution regarding the matter. I am unaware of any such developments.”

Kalita also alleged that all BJP’s promises have failed to materialize and thus, the Congress party will be voted back into power.

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