Guwahati, March 10, 2019:

The Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) has been caught in a conundrum ever since allies BJP announced its intention to implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016. The party, who claim to stand with the indigenous people of the state, could not stand with the national party for the ‘jati destroying’ Bill and the rifts between the two allies have continued to widen ever since. Speculation over the relationship status of the two parties continues to grow as the Tripura heads to the polls on April 11 and 18.

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IPFT President NC Debbarma, in a conversation with InsideNE, provided some insight into the situation. Responding to whether the IPFT would contest alone or with the BJP, he said: “It depends on the BJP. We have a coalition Government and they are supposed to spare a seat for our party. One of the seats, East Tripura, is reserved for STs, whereas the other seat, West Tripura, is a general seat.”

Debbarma has also confirmed that if BJP spares the East Tripura seat for the IPFT, the party will stay in an alliance with the BJP, otherwise, the party will contest both the seats alone. Debbarma has also announced that the names of the IPFT candidates who will contest the election will be announced shortly.

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