Guwahati, February 28, 2019:

As the threat of war looms large amid escalating tensions at the Indo-Pak border, and peace and security in the Kashmir Valley face a crisis, humanitarian acts are the need of the hour. In an instance of exemplary hospitality, the Kaisar, a three-star hotel located in Kashmir capital Srinagar, has opened its doors to tourists who are stuck in Kashmir due to the warlike situation prevailing in the frontier state.

The Kaisar is offering free food and accommodation and offered to accommodate tourists from all over the country for free until the situation gets back to ‘normal’. Sheikh Kaisar, owner of the hotel, speaking exclusively to InsideNE, said: “It is for the sake of humanity that we are doing this and we want to help people who are stuck in Kashmir. There have been people who have been coming and moving out because the flights were late from last night. There were 16 people who came in last night and slept here. We have not been keeping track of who has been coming and going because it is not for the sake of profit that we are doing this.”

Kashmir, which has long been a favorite of tourists for its rich natural beauty, is known for its generosity towards tourists and it is heartening to see that even with the possibility of war, the people have not forsaken humanitarian values which they are known for.

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