Mukul Sangma

Meghalaya, February 26, 2019:

Former Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has come up with a set of questions challenging the narrative that NPP President and current CM Conrad Sangma was the ‘hero’ of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and the Bill was thwarted due to his efforts.

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“I am amused by the narrative being circulated by the UDP and other parties who are hand in glove with the conspirators, the BJP with an attempt to impress our people that they are the Messiah and the protectors of our indigenous people through their well-orchestrated bluff”, said Sangma.

He further alleged that the Bill was introduced by the BJP and its allies, which includes the NPP, on July 19, 2016. He also alleged that the UDP and the NPP had conspired with the BJP to weaken Congress in the state of Meghalaya. “Is it not a fact that both the NPP and the UDP continued to remain with the BJP led NEDA and are still in the government with the BJP?” Sangma asked.

“The honourable Congress President will address a Congress rally tomorrow at Guwahati and coming on the specific invitation of the North East Congress Coordination Committee (NECCC) where he will declare the commitment of the INC, under his leadership, to stop further consideration of the CAB”, Sangma said, referring to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s agenda during his visit to Assam on Tuesday.

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