Upamanyu Hazarika

Guwahati, 20 February 2019:

Prabajan Virodhi Manch convenor, Upamanyu Hazarika on Wednesday announced that they will be making their entry into electoral politics in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections to protect the interest and identity of the indigenous.

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The convener also appealed the government to protect the indigenous identity by enacting legislation protecting land rights, employment opportunities and trade licenses for the indigenous, re-verifying NRC and refraining from bringing any further immigrants to instruments like CAB.

Addressing the media, Upamanyu Hazarika said, “BJP leaders are only interested in the politics of opportunism and self-advancement at the cost of the indigenous. They lend lip service for the cause of Hindus where in actual they are even with Bangladeshi Muslims. The U-turn is self-evident, five years ago, the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi gave out a stern warning to all the Bangladeshis to pack their bags and to leave India, five years later and  Bangladeshis now cheer for him. It is a tribute to the capabilities of Himanta Biswa Sarma that the very same BJP of whom he said in the 2014 elections that the pipe and taps in Gujarat carried the blood of Muslims is now able to make the BJP sing its tune”.

Hazarika added, “NRC draft has shown least inclusion in the Sipajhar area, the design is to create vote-bank out of insecure foreigners, being their protector. BJP has also entered into alliances with AIUDF to control Panchayats in Nagaon and Dalgaon”.

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