Guwahati, February 20, 2019:

The state on Wednesday, celebrated Ali-Ai-Ligang, a festival of the Mising tribe.  The festival is celebrated on the first Wednesday of the Assamese month- Phaguna.

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Ali-Ai-Ligang is a harvest festival of the tribe. The festival has been observed at Kahilipara in Guwahati, Jonai, Golaghat, Tinsukia, Lakhimpur, Majuli and also in many other Mishing denizen areas.

The name Ali- Aye- Ligang is combination of three words: “Ali” means root and “Aye” means fruit and “Ligang” means sow.  This is the reason why, the sowing in of paddy is started on this day ritually.

The traditional dance form, Gumarg is performed by the people of Mising tribe on this festival.  This popular dance performed by the young people is characterized by rapid stepping, flinging and fluttering of hands. The dance rule also demands swinging of hips which reflect vernal passion and procreative urge along with enjoyment.

The last day of this festival is known as Lilen, and on this last day they celebrate with a grand community feast, dishes like Poro Apong or Nogin Apong (Homemade Rice Wine) along with various other dishes especially dishes made of pork, and are being served, Purang Apin (Packed Boil Rice) is another special dish which is cooked in water with special leaves and served only during this festival.

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