Tuliram Ronghang

 Diphu, February9, 2019:

A Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council team led by CEM Tuliram Ronghang visited Donghap, which is one of the oldest villages in Nominati Constituency yesterday, as part of the administration’s program to visit the remotest of areas in the region and usher in the process of development.

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The villagers greeted the CEM and the rest of the delegation with warmth and cheer. Addressing the gathering as Chief Guest, Ronghang made commitments that developmental works will soon be undertaken in the area. CEM Ronghang also revealed that roads will be constructed with metal and tar and walkways and vehicular ways for transport and communication in the remotest areas will also be made available.

The CEM also assured that tender has been floated through PMGSY Scheme and execution of the projects is underway and the completed work will benefit both Donglap as well as adjoining villages under Socheng Dhenta Constituency.

The CEM stated that mobile towers will be installed soon and stressing the need for quality education, he also expressed a keen desire for setting up of a ME school in the region.

Ronghang also assured that 450 households in the village will be provided solar power within two months. He further reiterated the need for local ‘pattas’ to the people of the village and assured them the same. Further, he promised free saplings to the people of the state as the villagers mostly earn their livelihood through agriculture. Construction of an RCC Ringwell to provide potable water and a medical sub-centre were also been announced.

The Team KAAC then presented blankets to the villagers and also distributed packaged lunch. Finally, Ronghang laid the foundation stone for construction of metal and blacktopping road from Loksho Arong to Therebasa, to be completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 12 crores for benefit of the villagers residing in the region.

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