Guwahati, January 30, 2019:

The heart-wrenching incident where a child’s black jacket was allegedly being ordered to be opened by authorities was picked up by regional and national media. The people were quick to point out the inhumane act of the police personnel for depriving a child of warm clothes. The woman subsequently came forward to accuse the Government and said that it was done due to the Government’s strict “no black clothes” policy adopted after black flag protests had erupted across the state.

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“Would my child’s jacket contain a bomb? We feel insulted”, the woman had said.
But later, she backtracked on her statement and a video which the child of the 1-year-old child released showed her telling a different story altogether. “I opened his (the child’s) jacket because he was cold. People have blown this out of proportion. We were never insulted”, the mother said.

Again, the woman alleged that she received a phone call after going home from the political event from a supposed-BJP worker. She was offered a bribe of Rs. 10,000 to say that she had opened the jacket herself, she alleges.

A phone conversation has reached InsideNE from reliable sources which might throw some light on the situation. A person alleges that a BJP worker named Anand Sharma had asked the person to call the child’s mother, offering a bribe to convince the woman to say that she had opened the jacket herself. It appears that a conspiracy is afoot and the issue has taken a complex political significance. “He offered me money to take care of the situation”, the person alleges.

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