Sarbananda Sonowal

Guwahati, 11th January, 2019:


The proposal to implement the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 has created a sense of anger and panic among the people of Assam and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has started to feel the heat too. Well, the heat is not for his agreement towards the Bill or his lack of conscience for regionalism but for the new trend he is setting as the new ‘King of Troll’ which has set the social media ablaze in the last few days.

As people continue to fight against the curse of the Citizenship Bill, CM Sonowal finds himself at the helm of all jokes in Assam at the moment. His very own people, who made him the CM and gave him the title of ‘Jatiyanayak’, have started to taunt him as the ‘Khalanayak’ and Social media fanatics, specially the Twitteratti, has torn his image apart with a number of memes and trolls.

From being called the ‘Accidental Chief Minister’ to being called a sympathizer of the immigrant Bangladeshis, CM Sonowal’s silence over the issue is only deflating his reputation and turning him into a troll with almost each and every Assamese social media visitor having a go at him in today’s Assam. Abuses and jokes are on him today when rest of Assam burns as he fails to address the locals of this state.

His posts on Facebook and Twitter have received a lot of criticism from a number of people and have often turned abusive with their comments. People are also blaming him for the situation Assam is in today and his social media pages are a witness to that.

The embarrassing news for the CM is that, people have started to make their voices heard with these trolls/memes and their dissatisfaction over his ‘chameleon’ approach towards the indigenous people and the Bill. Social media fanatics are making sure that the CM can’t escape their disapproval over his silence on the Bill and taunting him by drawing comparisons with former India Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was always criticized for being silent.

CM Sarbananda Sonowal must be quite aware by now what betrayal for his own people and keeping mum on serious issues can lead up to. In 2016, prior to the Assembly elections, social media was one of the main weapons that BJP and the CM used to reach out to people and win with majority. In 2016, the amount of positive comments and remarks he found on social media definitely had made him proud but 3 years down the line, the scenario has gone from bad to worst.

With the agitation unlikely to cease any sooner, the CM can expect more fiery trolls/memes coming his way in the coming days and can only expect people to be not as harsh as it’s getting right now. Hopefully, this is the last of his miseries as seeing the CM setting new standards for trolls is not what the people of of this state have voted for.

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