Guwahati, January 10, 2019:

The Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) leader, Shukla Charan Noatia, in an exclusive interview with Editor-in-chief of InsideNE Afrida Hussain, explained why indigenous people are against the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 which seeks to provide political asylum to Non-Muslim minorities from India’s neighbours Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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He said that it has become a big issue all over India and stated that the IPFT had extended official support for the ‘bandh’ called on January 8 by NESO. Talking about the IPFT’s alliance with the BJP, he assured that they have not forgotten their identity after coming into power and stated that the IPFT stands for the rights of the indigenous people.

Noatia further clarified that despite being in coalition government with the BJP, they have participated in picketing as part of the anti-Bill movement. He also added that the party will take a final stand on the alliance in the coming days. He  also warned that the North east is in grave danger due to the Bill as many illegal migrants have already arrived in states like Assam and Tripura. If these people are given citizenship, they will form voting blocs which threatens the indigenous people.

He also added that North eastern people will become minorities if the Bill is passed and rued that Tripura protesters have been fired upon, adding that this shows that people from Tripura do not have any rights. He slammed national political leaders, claiming they do not care about indigenous people and only care about votes. He also criticized the national parties for breaking commitments made before elections.

He added that North eastern people are not united and implored people of the region to fight the issue together so that national political leaders hear their voice. He also promised that the IPFT is ready to take strong measures to oppose the Bill in days to come.

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