Guwahati, January 1, 2018:

The state of Nagaland has been declared a “disturbed region” under the controversial AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) till June end. This act enables the armed forces to conduct operations anywhere as well as arrest anyone without prior notice.

The Home Ministry has informed via a notification that such powers are necessary in the troubled region in order for armed forces to be able to save citizens.

According to the government, lootings, killings and extortions have not ceased in the region, due to which is continuation of the act has become a necessity.

It is to be mentioned that the AFSPA act has been implemented in the state for several decades. There has been opposition to the act in both Jammu and Kashmir as well as in the Northeast from various groups, who have been claiming that the act gives “sweeping power” to the armed forces.

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