Description: This is an Assamese cuisine made of rice batter and lao similar to pancakes. It is served along with beverages in Assam.

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Ingredients                                                   Quantity

Lao (Bottle Gourd)                                              one

Rice flour                                                        half cup

Shredded coconut                                           half cup

Honey                                                                6 tsp


Baking soda                                                     ¼ tsp

Coconut oil or any kind of oil



Cut the Lao in small pieces and remove the seeds

Shred the lao using a shredder

Mix with it ½ cup rice flour

Mix the shredded coconut and mix well

Add the honey and mix well

Add the baking soda and make a thick paste using ¼ th cup water.

Heat coconut oil in a pan

Using a table spoon put the mixture in the hot oil and fry for 10min.

Make sure not to burn the malpua’s


Souce: Diya Nath (Arizona)

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