Guwahati, December 21, 2018:

The half-century long motto that has driven Naga forces to unite is now in jeopardy. It is believed by the people of Naga inhabited areas that Nagaland is for Christ. But with the change of times, the erstwhile motto is also going to change in a very drastic manner.

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Christianity is facing a major crisis in interior Nagaland areas adjacent to the Indo-Myanmar border. Christians dwelling in the heart of rural Nagaland have now started to believe that they are being neglected by the local parish as a result of which, they are losing their faith on Christianity and instead switching their allegiance to Buddhism, as many Nagas are now converting to Buddhism simply to get basic education. This phenomenon is being further accelerated by lack of Christian theological education in the far-flung areas of Nagaland. This has resulted in alarming incidents for the Christian population such as the Hindu-ization of Nagaland religion Haraka. Of the many students who graduate from Christian institutions, few end up teaching at Christian schools in far flung areas. As a consequence, many Christian schools are being shut down.

According to Nagaland MP Sein Maung, it is the result of staff-transfer. “The teachers left when they got the news that they had to move to another town. Substitute teachers have yet to come”, said the MP. He further assured that he would take the matter up with the Sagaing Region cabinet. “I won’t be presenting this issue to the parliament since I know there will be delays”, he added.

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