53rd Inter IIT Sports

Guwahati, December 20, 2018:

It was a wonderful day for IIT Roorkee as they marked their dominance by thumping IIT BHU in the penultimate day of the 53rd Inter IIT Sports meet held today at IIT Guwahati.

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IIT Roorkee easily won the game 5-1 and were 3-0 up in the first quarter already.

Let me also add that the 53rd Inter IIT Sports meet also included quarter finals, semi-finals and finals of various other sports events which made the event even juicier.

After the excitement of the match between IIT Roorkee and IIT BHU, the next match was played for bronze between IIT Delhi and IIT Madras and IIT Delhi was able to secure the victory to finish third.

In badminton, IIT Kharagpur and IIT BHU were scheduled to face each other in the final. As for basketball, IIT Delhi, BHU, Kanpur and Roorkee had qualified for the semi-finals.

Now onto cricket, due to rain, the match got curtailed for 10 overs. IIT Guwahati’s journey came to an early end after they lost their quarterfinal match against IIT Kanpur by 20 runs in cricket and the luck also didn’t favour the hosts of the event as they lost in the semi-finals against Roorkee. On December 21 IIT Kanpur will face the finals with IIT Roorkee.

Let’s not stop, leading with the other events like Lawn tennis the champions are the host of the event IIT Guwahati and will face the finals between the winner of the match that will be played between of IIT Madras and IIT Delhi.

In Squash, IIT Bombay won the gold medal after defeating IIT Kharagpur in the finals by a score of 2-0. Moving onto table tennis IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur are set to face each other in the final. Now we conclude with volleyball: IIT Roorkee, Delhi, Bombay and BHU secured their seat in the semi-finals after beating IIT Kharagpur, Madras, Dhanbad and Kanpur respectively in the quarterfinals.

The competition was no less fierce amongst women as the women’s lawn tennis and table tennis matches were a sight to behold.

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