Guwahati, December 18, 2018:

The king of controversy, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, was once again caught making controversial statements. At the Shillong BJP headquarters, Deb stated that mob lynching is not in Indian culture and held Maoists and communists responsible for such incidents in India. He also alleged that such incidents have their roots in Pakistan.

Deb stated: “India follows a culture of Athithi devo bhabo (guest is akin to God) and mob lynching never happened in India. Indians are cultured whereas in mob lynching, mob kills a person out of anger. That is done by Maoists and is communist thought.” Calling India “the land of brave people”, Deb said that time and again, various conspiracies are carried out by international bodies to destroy the integrity of the nation and cause turbulence in the political sphere.

Linking the ‘Rafale deal’ controversy to mob-lynching, Dub suggested that both are “international conspiracies.”  Deb alleged that both are the result of “international conspiracy”. He also slammed the Congress, and branding Congress leader Rahul Gandhi an “anti-national”, asked him to apologize.


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