Guwahati, December 16, 2018:

The Kenny Deori Basumatary helmed ‘Suspended Inspector Boro’ wrapped up a fantastic year for Assamese films. As the other Assamese film that had nabbed headlines, ‘Village Rockstars’, looks to earn Oscar honors, ‘Suspended Inspector Boro’ too manages to hold its own despite coming after Kenny’s much-feted action-comedies, ‘Local Kung Fu’ and its sequel, ‘Local Kung Fu 2’.

The adventure begins when a suspended inspector, the eponymous Boro, is sent on the trail of a missing girl by his senior. In a convoluted plot, he must first tackle the web of crime in the underbelly of Guwahati before he can reach the damsel in distress. Lakhi Madan Jwala, an unscrupulous policeman played by Kenny himself, stands in his way as Boro seeks to put together the pieces of the puzzle which will lead him to the missing girl. The mystery is unraveled through a series of confusing flashbacks.

Kenny attempts to tackle social issues (environmental decay, moral policing, etc),  with kid gloves, and because of the heavy-handedness with which he handles these, it feels like the film lectures us at every turn which is not something people expect from a KDB Production. The film-offers light hearted fun akin to its predecessors, but the laughs seems a bit forced this time around. After offering edge-of-the-seat suspense in the first half, the exposition in the final act feels like a lost opportunity.

Kenny steals the show as the villain and has the best lines. Utkal Hajowary is believable as the pork-loving cop with a heart of gold who has two objectives in life – to serve justice to bad guys and cook delectable non-veg food items. Most of the other actors, though, are hampered by poor dialogue and fail to make an impact. ‘Suspended Inspector Boro’ is the quintessential ‘girl power’ movie in Assam and has some redeeming aspects, but is overall, an underwhelming effort from the King of Assamese comedy, Kenny Deori Basumatary.

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