Ashish Kundra


Guwahati, December10, 2018:

Mizoram Chief Election Officer (CEO), Ashish Kundra on Monday briefed the media on the Mizoram polls.

The CEO saidthat 6,20,000 EVM voting has been recorded, 1401 counting officials have been deployedduring the entire polling duration, electronically transmitted postal ballotsof the service voters 526 and 11618 postal ballots of the people working withinMizoram.

He also informed that a total of 81.64 per cent voters turn out has been recorded and to count 40 strong rooms have been set with 13 counting centres in the state.

The counting will start from 8:30 am in the morning by the 1401 counting officials under three layer securities. ltilin���:��

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