Guwahati, December 9, 2018:

Renowned film actor Ravi Sharma urged the people of Assam to help the Assamese Film Industry (Jollywood) to revive by attending cinema halls on the day of releases without any judgment.


In an exclusive interview with InsideNE, the actor while promoting Raghupati, an upcoming assamese film said, “The Bengali and Tamil film industries has flourish because the people has accepted their films in spite of downfalls why can’t the people of Assam accept the films in their own language? Moreover the Assamese people should maintain the flow to the cinema hall right from the first day and the first show of the release itself.”

He added, “A film should not be judged with the budget it covers, otherwise an outstanding story can be missed and also the film will be more effective if the fans promote among themselves.”

Ravi Sharma along with his team is promoting their upcoming film Raghupati, where Ravi Sharma has pen down his own story. Directed by Suvrat Kakoty, the shooting of the film has been scheduled from 21st of June.

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