Guwahati, December 7, 2018:

In a blatant discrimination against disabled people, an Indian disabled man was denied tourist visa as he was planning to visit his family during Christmas.


The person identified as Shubhajeet was a former military man and was injured during his military service.

In a tweet that went viral, a user with the handle @briannasbell has described the whole incident.

According to her, Shubhajeet was a military man who got injured during his service and was now planning to visit Australia to meet his family on a tourist visa.

However, it was denied to him on grounds that he would be a burden on the health services in Australia.

She also said that Shubhajeet has travel insurance and also completed his rehab following the injury that caused his paraplegia.

The tweet was also shared by Shubhajeet’s wife and a member of his family.

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