Guwahati, December 6, 2018:

Once a top United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) leader and now a Member of Parliament, Naba Kumar Saraniya alias Heera Saraniya said that ULFA is only ‘beautiful’ from the outside but once one enters it, the real things is nothing as one imagined.

Speaking to InsideNE, Saraniya said that they joined ULFA so that they could shape a better Assam for it’s people. “The topic of a sovereign Assam was secondary”, he said.
He added that although ULFA and other militant outfits in the region had a good intention at the beginning, they were tagged as terrorist after the 9/11 attack executed by Osama Bin Laden in USA.

He added that over the years, the ULFA lost many people and they also saw some rift in the leadership.

Saraniya further added, “I even suggested for holding some sort of discussion with the government in order to secure our boys but Paresh Baruah had some differences with this.”
He claimed that although, Baruah had the differences, there were talks held with some of the cadres of the outfit.

He said, “I wanted everyone to come and sit into the discussions but some decided to come out while some others including Paresh Baruah stayed back. We joined ULFA only for protecting our own people but once we joined the ULFA we found it not as beautiful as we thought it was.”

He claimed that they knew that a sovereign Assam was not possible but they still stayed with the outfit in order to prevent it from going to the “wrong tracks”.

It may be mentioned that Heera Saraniya was one the commander of the 709 battalion of ULFA but now is an Lok Sabha MP from Kokrajhar.

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