Nagaon/Gohpur, November 25, 2018:

Even thought the forest department is taking attempts to decrease the man-animal conflict, anther person was trampled to death by elephants on Sunday morning i  Nagaon’s Kandali.

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The deceased person was identified as Govind Gaur, a resident of Bheluguri. His dead body was found in a paddy field by the locals.

Following the incident, the locals have claimed that the forest department has failed to protect the human beings from elephants and demanded immediate steps in the issue.

On the other side, an injured elephant has continued to give sleepless nights to the locals of Gohpur’s Boroighat.

The elephant who has received severe injuries on its front limb has been “raiding” the nearby villages which ultimately has taken away the sleep of the villagers.

The forest department has tried to tranquillise the elephant but the have not yet succeeded.

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