Oriental Bistro

Guwahati, November 13, 2018:

Do you remember, Yo China? where the city used to get the amazing taste of Chinese cuisines? So,that has slightly changed. Ah! Ah! dont worry! It’s that only the name has changed. In fact, there are some goodies for the foodies, as Yo China, now known as the Oriental Bistro, has added Japanese and Thai to their cuisine list. And again new Singapore dishes will be added to their hot menu.


As you enter the dramatic foyer of Oriental Bistro, the earthy scent of a wood-fired oven confirms that chef Dole Lama has some slow-cooked comfort food on the way. As we stepped into the large dine-hall of the classy restaurant with its amazing hint of the elegant style of ambience, the black leather sofas and the crisp wooden chairs create more hunger for the visitor. And you immediately experience Oriental’s tasteful elegance. Since 2017, this popular destination for foodies and wine-bar has been one of the best spots for food and drinks serving- seafood, meat and salads with the perfect vino to match.

With a drink list encompassing mocktails and cocktails Oriental Bistro covers a major region. With fresh kiwi lime margerita, the counter is also special for mojito specially the apple in mint tall. A glassed-in storage area near the main dining area showcases the reds. The bar menu deems the list approachable diverse and value-oriented mixing unique boutique wines with more familiar labels.” Oriental Bistro also hosts a new combo of Rs 149 for the corporates.

Food Recommendations? Unit Manager, Rajat Paul, suggested malha sizzler, pork ribs, sushi or chicken drums special house noodle. The restaurant’s fresh lettuce spring roll, popularly known as Sushi, and the lobster in BBQ sauce are considered some of the best in the city. Oriental Bistro strives to serve as many healthy and local ingredients as possible.

At happy hour, a visit to Oriental Bistro’s counter, an inviting space with a sizzling brownie is sure to impress a date or a client. The restaurant offers an unpretentious but sophisticated place to enjoy a warm evening or a good day.

Oriental Bistro was awarded the most promising new entrant by Guwahati Food Awards, 2018.

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