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Guwahati, October 10, 2018:

The world’s gigantic “Statue of Unity”, dedicated to “Iron Man of India”, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, will be unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 31 at Sadhu Bet in Gujarat.

image source: Twitter

The statue is 182m from the ground and 240m from the river base of Narmada. It will be unveiled on the 142nd birth anniversary of Patel.

The statue is double the size of the Statue of Liberty which is 93m tall. The entire project cost Rs.2,333 crore. Over 5,000 bronze panels have been used to create the statue’s outer skin as accurate representation of Patel wearing his characteristic garments. Around 5,700 metric tonnes of structural steel and 18,500 metric tonnes of reinforcement bar have been used to build the statue.

The rebar used for the construction is converted by melting the iron collected from “Loha” campaign, robust structural strength to withstand wind velocity up to 60 metre per second, vibration and earthquakes and the viewing gallery at 153m can accommodate up to 200 visitors. A three-storey base will comprise a memorial garden and a large continuous exhibit hall developed as edutainment attraction focusing on the life and accomplishments of Patel.

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