Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, September 10, 2018:

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday appealed to journalists in the country to write freely and without any fear saying the grand old party and the country are with them.

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“These days, you are faced with a lot of difficulties while reporting. You report under a shadow of fear. But let me assert that people sitting here give this assurance to you that we are with you,” he told journalists at a sit-in demonstration in New Delhi.

Protest demos were staged across the country by the Congress against the spiraling fuel prices.



“Write freely and write from your heart. There is nothing to be nervous or worried about. The whole country is with you,” Gandhi assured.

He slammed the Narendra Modi government on various issues such as farmers’ suicide, Swachh Bharat, demonetisation etc.

“The price of LPG is rising alarmingly. Farmers’ are increasingly committing suicides and rapes are committed in the country and in one incident the name of one BJP MLA got entangled but the Prime Minister is saying nothing. People in the country want to hear from the Prime Minister on these issues,” Gandhi said.

He pilloried the BJP on “Swachh Bharat” saying toilets have been built across the country under the programme but there is no water in them.

“Farmers and labourers are aimless as they cannot find a path. There are only 15-20 people who can find the path. They are the crony capitalists. The government cannot waive off farmers’ loan but it gives freebies to the tune of Rs.45,000 crore to one industrialist. This money doesn’t belong to Modiji or his BJP. This belongs to India. Through demonetisation, the Prime Minister has destroyed the small and medium scale businesses. But till today, nobody knows the aims and objectives behind demonetisation,” Gandhi summed up.

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