dree festival

5 July 2018:

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Governor Brig (Retd) Dr BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have extended their heartiest greetings to each and every citizen of the State on the occasion of Dree, the annual agriculture based festival of the Apatani community.

The Governor said that Dree Festival is the traditional identity of the Apatani tribe, which they have proudly and conscientiously preserved since time immemorial. Celebration of the indigenous festivals helps the preservation, development and transition of the ancestral values and ethnic identity to future generations. Continued observance of these festivals is closely connected with the beliefs, rites, social acceptances and peace promoting practices. It, therefore, devolves on us, the people of the State, to stay informed and involved in protecting our culture and heritage through these festive celebrations, he added.

The CM also mentioned in his message- “Ours is a distinct state with several tribes and communities residing side by side for ages and maintaining their own unique indigenous culture and traditions. Despite our varied diversity, we as Arunachalees are united and take pride in our indigenous cultural heritage. This cultural mosaic has to be maintained, preserved and propagated at all costs while keeping intact our unity in diversity”.

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