“I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”

Thus the words by the American Professional boxer Muhammad Ali time and again reflected in the undaunted  zeal of the fitness enthusiatic  participants from across the North East at the WABBA platform.The World Amateur Body Building Association(WABBA), North East, India 2018 which was organised on 23rd June in Srimanta Sankardev International Auditorium was a major eye catcher for the fitness robust, Guwahati.The event was inaugurated by Nilakshi Choudhury, the executive director of WABBA,India,Mr Dinesh Aswal, General Secretary, Jitu Talukdar, AIDC Vice Chairman,Sanjive Narain, Owner of Prag News followed by other delegates. This is the trial body building competition for Mr. Hercules Olympia, India which is going to be held in New Delhi scheduled 28-29th September in four zones.  The event had association with Catalyst Multiassociates  headed by a team of  young enthusiastic ,well grounded and well established members of the city.wabba

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The program was graced by president Gautom Kalita, Secretary Deepjyoti Phukan, WABBA, India General Secretary Dinesh Aswal, Executive Director Nilakshi Choudhury along with special guest Bhupinder Dhawan, President WABBA India and Mukesh Singh who was a four times winner of Mr India and Mr. Olympia . In this event more than 250 participants from across North East competed in different sections and categories. An estimation of around 25 female body building participants and fitness model and around 225 male participants wrestled for the title. Bhupinder Dhawan, President WABBA India stated that ” the participants are so hard working and talented, the genetics and of North Eastern people are so good that I believe one day it’ll stand higher in the International arena. This is just the beginning, I hope the participants will be able to clinch medals in Commonwealth and Olympics also. Mukesh Singh, Mr. Olympia expressed his view that ” this is my first time in Assam and I am very glad to be present here and watching some good talents. The participants are so good and hardworking and they’ll definitely do their best in the upcoming Mr. Hercules Olympia,India. And I expect more from this part of the country.” The female fitness winner from Shillong stated  ” my hard work pays off and I am very happy to win this title. Since last year I have been competing in this event. I workout  3 times a day, it was not so easy for me after being on a strict diet.”

Mr Raymond Nongkhlaw was awarded the title of Mr. NorthEast, 2018 under the banner of WABBA, India.

The extravaganza was thus a feast to the eyes, boosting the zeal of the robust particants and fitness fanactics around the North East

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