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Opposition parties have no programmes, only wants to create hatred against us: CM

A total of 2060 supporters of different political parties on Saturday joined the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) during a mass joining programme held at SDF Bhawan here. Most of them were supporters of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) and prominent among them were SKM founding working president Bharati Sharma and advisor Rupraj Rai. Former SDF youth leader Arjun Rai from Namchi also returned to his party along with his supporters. In total, 2060 persons today joined the SDF, the party announced at the programme. Chief Minister Pawan Chamling welcomed all the party entrants and presented them with SDF flag and party books. He announced them as members of the SDF party. In his address, the Chief Minister remarked that most of those joining the SDF today were in past SDF workers. I welcome you all back into the SDF and whatever has happened, let it be forgotten, he said adding that there is no personal enmity in politics. There are only ideological differences in politics, he said. Chamling spoke about the founding ideologies and principles of the SDF which dictates the programmes and actions of the party and its government for the people and the State. He maintained that the opposition political parties do not have any programmes for the people of Sikkim. “The opposition political parties know only how to slander the government. They want to create hatred among the people against our government and this is how the opposition parties are surviving in Sikkim,” said Chamling. In his address, the Chief Minister also spoke on the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation issue. He shared that the State government has done all the work from its side and the seat reservation demand now lies with the Union government. “There is still 10-11 months left for the next elections and I am very hopeful (on seat reservation taking place). The Prime Minister has given me a promise,” he said. He said the Union Home minister has also informed him that work on Limboo-Tamang seat reservation is under process. The Chief Minister also shared about his telephonic conversation with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today morning. She told me that she wants to come to Sikkim to know about organic farming, he said.

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Chamling added that Mamata also told him to assemble people here when she comes here as she wants to speak about certain people who are his opponents in Sikkim. The Chief Minister also spoke about ‘Parivartan’ being made as a political tool in Sikkim. People should seek Parivartan but Parivartan should be for better and not to destroy Sikkim, he said. He urged people not to seek Parivartan just because one party has been running the government for a long time. Those who are running for change only want to destroy Sikkim, he said.

Arjun Rai and Bharati Sharma spoke on why they left SDF and returned back to the ruling front. Arjun was a youth leader in the SDF but was expelled after the 2014 Assembly elections for anti-party activities. He said today he was returning to his home which is SDF. After I left home, I spent time talking with leaders of other political parties but I never felt comfortable and always had my home (SDF) in my mind, said Arjun. I met leaders who had no objectives and I realized that only our Chief Minister can work for the protection and interests of Sikkim and hence, I returned to my home, he said. Our Chief Minister can give correct leadership to the youths of the State, he added. Arjun said he would work harder and give more contribution for SDF from now onwards.
Similarly, Bharati Sharma regretted her haste action of quitting the SDF and seeking a platform in the SKM. I took that action in haste and without proper understanding, she said. She said the platform she took in SKM was a wrong platform. I followed a person who had no vision and was in the group of blind persons who will never lead us to a destination, she said. It is only the SDF and Pawan Chamling who can lead the people to a destination, she added. The programme was also addressed by Shakti Adikhari, M.B. Bagdas, Neema Theengh and Rupraj Rai. SDF east district in-charge D.B. Thapa presented the welcome address.

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